About Divorcing Autism’s author

“Divorcing Autism” is a blog by Gloria Perez-Stewart (formerly Perez-Walker), to give insight into her life as a divorced Latina mother raising a child on the spectrum.

Gloria Perez-Stewart is a longtime activist and organizer as well as a disability advocate. She is from Austin, Texas but recently relocated to Los Angeles with her son. She works with clients nationwide to prepare them for IEPs, state and federal disability services, and connects them with attorneys if a matter cannot be settled using administrative means. She does video and phone conferences and coaching on disability, special education, and organizing for parents.

You can visit www.gloriaperezstewart.com or GPS Advocacy for more info.

Gloria can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to work with Gloria?

Need an advocate for your child with autism or technical assistance for a current issue with your child’s services? Gloria consults with parents nationwide. She only attends IEPs/mediations/hearings in person in Texas or California.  You can work with Gloria by scheduling time with her here.

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