My boy’s in Texas for the holidays

My son is visiting his dad in Austin for the holidays. It is the first time in over a year that he was allowed be around my ex’s girlfriend, for MANY reasons. We are trying to bury the hatchet, although I still don’t like that I have to instigate everything–call me crazy but I think that anyone dating someone with a child should make an effort to be with them and not have to be told to do things. But I am old school that way, I think.

So my ex put on a music showcase that Aidan was prepped to go to. One of the bands was going to arrive before my ex and his gf and my son–so my ex told them to save a very comfortable table for Aidan. Instead, the guy let his entire family sit in my son’s spot and my son had to sit at the bar (???) until a table showed up–which still was very uncomfortable for my kid, apparently. So Aidan loses it and screams while my ex is playing bass on stage, causing him to turn off his guitar, etc. I give my ex’s gf credit, at least she had to handle Aidan in public like that and just DEAL. It’s embarrassing and it sucks to have to handle an adolescent who’s pretty damn big yet screams like an infant. I know what that is like!

The problem is this: my ex called me later when my son was in bed to inform me that the band leader (and his friend) was supposed to assist with getting Aidan a specific spot to sit in, and didn’t. He was livid. He decided to tell them off and I think fire them. Ummm…misdirected anger, anyone? I tried to calm him down, because this is a spot I am in daily with Aidan–highly sensitive and angry when people don’t get what I am telling them: Aidan can’t handle a dog barking and yes this means a dog in your home, in the distance, on a commercial, you get it. And when someone is ignorant of that, I get mad. Which I shouldn’t because it’s not in the realm of their experience….it’s really easy to take that anger out on someone else who has no clue.


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