The boy “talks” about being sick

Aidan threw up tonight at a restaurant. A little embarrassing but that’s just parenting! I had been asking him all evening if he was sick because he seemed so tired. His attendant brought him home and told me that he’d been low energy but had no outbursts in his afterschool program (yelling, screaming, throwing things, throwing himself on floor are all “outbursts”).  We are always piecing his moods and needs together from attendant, aide and therapist observations since Aidan WON’T communicate basics like he needs more to eat, if he’s feeling bad, etc.

So I took him out to eat and the vomiting came out of nowhere all over the floor soon after we got our food. He stopped a couple of minutes then threw up more. GROSS. A couple of (cute) guys helped me and I got him into the bathroom while a waitress mopped it all up. I think we ruined a few people’s dinners judging by the looks I got from some single and childLESS people (don’t get me started on the “childfree” movement).

Aidan is working on communicating his needs but says “no” or “yes” to everything depending on his mood so we don’t always get the best answers–it’s like he just wants to say the right thing and not what he wants or thinks.

My ex and argued over the phone: was it the food? The new Depakote we are trying (more likely)? The fact that he hasn’t had his Abilify for 2 days? We don’t know yet but at least Aidan’s smiling. I always smile after I throw up, too. 😉


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