Well. We are in Texas! And Aidan is with his dad. My mom and stepfather and I met them at the tux store the other day to see how Aidan looked–and here you go!

Aidan had a few rough moments at the airport–it was our first trip ever alone. I have always had another adult on a flight so I admit I was scared! And when he cried about a baby crying, I was a little stressed. But we made it here safe and sound and can count this as another one of our little Mami and Aidan accomplishments.

Aidan’s having a ball with his dad and I’m getting a GREAT break. My new man (oh, yes, there’s about to be more news on that front!) was a hit with my mom and everyone at my sister’s rehearsal dinner. Aidan’s dad picked him up and I have been partying ever since. 😉 I have seen clients and friends and been catching up with everyone.

The wedding is today and even though this blog is about divorce and the special needs child, I’d be crazy not to post some great wedding photos!


Getting ready for his Tia Bea's wedding!

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