Found a sombrero in my car from last night…maybe it’s time to get home to L.A.

Wedding cakeMy sister’s Bea’s wedding was a success. In that she actually got hitched, right?

I saw a lot of family and friends, dealt with drama, ate a lot of Tex-Mex and BBQ and saw clients. Okay, and drank a lot. It’s a WEDDING, people!

But when we were clearing out the rental car I noticed I had a sombrero in it, and no, that’s not what the mariachis wore! I have no idea how it got in my car. Just new I’d better get my happy butt on a plane back to Los Angeles where I could get back to Aidan’s routine and therefore my routine.

We had a 3 hour delay so Aidan had a tantrum at the airport in Austin of course. It consisted of him flailing on the ground, pounding his fists into the wall behind flight attendants, etc. But really, it could have been much worse. They gave us enough space on the plane (FIVE rows) so that he wouldn’t be agitated. And of course he wasn’t, since he usually crashes about 30 minutes into any flight.

We got back and my boyfriend was there to pick us up and carry all my luggage because you all know me, I pack the house when I go away for the weekend. After that, Aidan had another minor tantrum at home and then again went to bed. He misses his dad a lot after last weekend’s festivities in Texas and we have March 8th penciled into his calendar since that’s when Shane is going to be here to spend a few days with him. THREE weeks away, Aidan! You can do it!

Divorce is hard on any kid, and sometimes the only way Aidan can say it is through tantrums. I get it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it…


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