Aidan’s IEP is tomorrow and am I prepared? Nope.

Well I am not prepared enough for ME, I should say.

Poor Aidan. I’ve been working on client IEPs the last few weeks and lo and behold! It’s his IEP today–one to discuss some testing, etc., not his annual. Oops.  (Let’s see, I have a list of requests sent to the teachers, admins, and everyone last week, and the data on his progress and draft IEP goals I’ve been working on with the teacher, and I’ve been reviewing  I’ve been doing of his file and tests. 😉 Still for me,  that’s not enough.) Doesn’t the school know I’m planning a WEDDING?

Remember, parents, always SIGN disagree if things don’t work out well. Or reconvene. Send your requests in early. Get a clear “yes” or “no” at the IEP table and move forward to the next level. Don’t argue with the school for hours. Unless you want to wear them down of course…

Stay tuned! 🙂

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