Just another normal 24 hours with adolescent autism

My ex-husband is away at a conference (or something) and texted asking how the boy is doing. My response:

“Well, he set the house alarm off yesterday as soon as he woke up because he heard dogs barking and the sound machines weren’t on. So he tried to run outside to bark at them. Then in the afternoon he ran out of CVS and down the block away from BCBA supervisor, trainer and attendant when he tried to walk out of the store with two DVDs and they told him he couldn’t. (That’s now being worked on as reward he can work for later this week.) He woke up at 3:30am this morning and has been up since then giggling and running up and down the stairs staring at himself in the mirror, driving us insane. My husband had to go into work late as a result and I have a final tonight but whatever. On the plus side, he wants a Beatles’ Yellow Submarine DVD. You or I can order it so he can pick it up from the ‘mail post office’ next week.”

Keeping it positive.

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