The Boy Excels While I Cry About Multiple Choice: Just A Typical Week Here

Aidan has been doing great on homework, routines (chores & independent living skills) & is pretty happy. I’m glad about this because I’m preoccupied about not doing as great as I want to be on my MBEs (multiple choice questions I have on the baby bar in June). So I’m studying everywhere at the moment while Aidan runs around living his teenaged life.

We have him all week because his dad’s in London on vacation. That’s been hard to manage with video chatting to the boy because apparently my ex doesn’t know how to handle wi-fi or time changes unless it’s for work, and you can tell him I said so (I KNOW YOU READ THIS, SHANE). It got to the point where he just made Aidan call him on his cell, which is not great because our boy needs the visual to communicate.

What else has Aidan done? He went on a field trip to Long Beach, and he and his stepdad (both part-Irish, I’m the odd Chicana out, apparently) wore matching shirts for St. Patrick’s Day. I refused to match with them. I just couldn’t.

All in all, it’s been a busy but great week. Aidan has been looking forward to his stepdad’s birthday tomorrow and will probably be the first one up I the morning, looking for cake!

Here are some pics of his week that you can ooh and ahh over:








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