Aidan’s Holiday Gift To You

xmas2014I’m not a big Xmas or any-holiday kind of person, and Kirk Cameron didn’t make me get any more warm and fuzzy about it this year. BUT! My kid is.

The difficult part of raising a child with a disability and teaching mainstream stuff and what is going on in the world around them, is also explaining why you personally may resist some of it, too–and I’m not talking only Xmas, that just happens to be going on today. It can get very complicated..  It took me years to get my boy to open any presents (he would play with the wrapping paper instead of presents for a good 11 years or so). Talking to him about consumerism and what that is, and Christianity and all of that…exhausting.

We are looking at Vizzle to teach him social justice curriculum that *we* create, since there’s nothing out there that we have found that is geared toward people with autism. That said, my kid grabbed my new mic and promptly started singing his version of “Winter Wonderland”.

So, Aidan Walker is decidedly into Xmas and as a parent I can only guide, not direct (hard for this mami).  Here’s his holiday gift to all of you.

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