Aidan’s Apartment and Future Planning
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Aidan’s Apartment and Future Planning

Aidan has his own apartment and is moving out! Just kidding! If you’re a parent of a kid with disabilities, you know that the vast majority of adults with disabilities live in poverty or financial dependence. It’s a fact, and a scary one at that.  The statistics are miserable for adults with disabilities, who still fight … Continue reading

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While Gloria’s Away, The Exes & Stepparents Will Play AND Part 1 of 2015 Planner Setup (video)

This week was supposed to be where I show you a day in my crazy life, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans. Things can and will get moved around–but you’re all parents of kids with disabilities! You know how to be flexible by now, right? Last week I went to Austin, that place … Continue reading