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My badly made FB Live video of Aidan’s New (L.A.) House

Aidan’s new house finally closed, check out his grand tour of his kitchen below, while he was there cleaning and furnishing it with his dad. I’m way too lazy to try to film another one, so this Facebook Live one will have to be the Divorcing Autism update. School starts in a week, I’m busy with organizing and bar prep, y’all. 😉

He spent his first night there this weekend, and I only went over 15x or so, you know, to take him things he’d forgotten. Like graham crackers. Socks. Soy sauce packets. I kid you not.

Right now we are working on getting him acclimated to the new house and weeding and cleanup. We are also doing some afternoon routines there, and some reading and therapy sessions there. He seems to like it and has not thrown me out yet.

I will also do a video this week of me walking up to a bedroom window and peeking in on him…just kidding! Maybe.

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